Water for People

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Apart from all the other wonderful things my group has already mentioned, Water for People also has some events that let the community get involved. The Sanctuary, the sanctuary is a golf course in Denver, Colorado. According to Water for People, “In 2010, the tournament helped raise over 350K for the water for people foundation and sold out to 124 players from all over the country including 22 different sponsorships.” This prestigious golf course is simply one of the best in the country and has helped thousands of water-stricken families all over the world.

Aside from looking at the Sanctuary, water for people also hosts an event called ACE12. The American water works association’s 131st annual conference and exposition June 10-14 2012 held in Dallas, TX. This “party for a purpose” supports water for people’s important work to bring sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene education solutions to everyone-every family, every school and every clinic in the developing countries where they’re located. To bring about big change and real impact to the global water and sanitation crisis, water for people has to continually innovate and think creatively. This is where the sanctuary and ACE were discovered.

Now you ask, why should this interest you? Water For People hosts these events to get the community involved in such a major issue that’s happening right now as I speak. Becoming a part of this organization not only opens the opportunities to make a difference in the world but gives each of us a chance to really get to meet the people that are responsible for less fortunate families being able to have drinkable, sustainable water sources near their homes or villages.

If you or anyone you know that would like to be a part of any of these events please feel free to contact Emma C. Pfisher at waterforpeople.org under the events tab. Now I’ll let Juan wrap us up. (:
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