Water for Elephants Journal

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  • Published : June 13, 2012
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Water for Elephants – Journal 1
In our discussion on Friday, no one else read the book so I was stuck trying to piece together what they knew, what happened in the book, and how to write a decent report on what has happened so far. So far in the book, we read about Jacob living in the retirement home and coming in contact with a fellow who claims he carried water for elephants. Elderly Jacob flashes back to when he was twenty-three. His parents had just died in a car accident; he skipped out on his veterinarian final exam, and hops a train out of Norwich in hopes of finding work somewhere new. The train is for the “Benzini Brother’s Most Spectacular Show on Earth”. He joins the circus, does a variety of petty jobs until he lands in the circus vet position. Along the way the author discusses characters such as Catherine, Marlena, August, Camel and Uncle Al and all the experiences that come with being new in the circus crowd. I was mostly interested in why he chose to stick around the circus. Was it because of Marlena? Was it because he was looking for something to fill the void in his life? I’m not really sure if this story is relatable to real life problems. I think that it just shows people it is okay to run away from your problems and to create a new life elsewhere. I also think the book is WAY more interesting than the movie. Of course it takes more time and effort, but it’s just all over a better experience. There is more information, and hopefully in future Lit. Circles my group can come up with better efforts to make a complete report.
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