Water for Elephants

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  • Published : February 14, 2013
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In the book Water for Elephants it is told from a 93 or 90 year old man Jacob Jankowsi and his memories. This book goes back and forth with his age though. The 23 year old Jacob is an emotional wreck his parents had just died in a car crash. He soon had learned from the person who deals with wills that his parents were in deep debt. Later that night he finds out his parents had died he had jumped onto a train and later learned that the train belonged to a circus, the “Benzini Bros Most Spectacular Show on Earth”. He had later got a job tending to all the animals. There are many themes in this book but one of the most important is LOVE. Jacob while in the circus develops a relationship with Marlena. Jacob was so deeply in love with her that he would do anything for her. But August had loved Jacob. Marlena was scared of August for certain reasons. To show that they had loved each other Marlena and Jacob slept together. Later in the book Jacob is informed that Marlena is pregnant. Another one of the major themes was anger. Anger had little to do with the book but I think it was important. August was in love with Jacob that when she found out about Marlena she beat Jacob and Marlena. When Marlena had told Jacob that she was afraid of her he had decided to eliminate the threat. So when August went to sleep what Jacob did because he was angry and trying to please Marlena, he snuck to her room with a knife and had stabbed her to death.
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