Water Fluoridation

Topics: Teeth, Dental fluorosis, Water fluoridation Pages: 3 (1143 words) Published: April 5, 2011
The politics of water fluoridation
Oct 22 2009

→areas where older ppl had mottled teeth and the young did not, →fluoride cause of the mottling and the change in the caries prevalence →caries decline with increasing fluoride level up to 1 part per million, more than 1ppm fluoride leads to little change in the caries prevalence, →diag: bottom fluoride in the water supply, y axis is DMF of children 12-14 yrs old, after 1ppm fluoride there is little change in the level of tooth decay, 1ppm small proportion of children have small mottling, above that the mottling increases, very mild mottling is small white spots on the teeth, mild mottling is larger white spots, moderate is small brown, severe mottled is larger brown marks and hyperplasia, →graph: north has low, south has high fluoride, south have half the caries →level of tooth decay is half in high fluoride areas

→adjust fluoride level where its deficitient, dec in caries was the same as if it occurred naturally →1955 first schemes established in the UK, wales, south east eng and Scotland, Birmingham first big city →non fluoridated Dudley

→surveys stopped there, little diff in Newcastle and northumb →politicians make the decision not dentists, don’t understand what the DMFT of 2 and 4 mean? Proportion of children suffering from toothache, benefits water flueoridation brought to Newcastle →or proportion of tooth extraction, Newcastle has less percentage →can show in the diff in the percentage of children of getting general anesthetic, it caries a risk, Newcastle has less children needing general anesthetic →not just young children that receive the benefits, adults do as well → what proportion of children are caries free until 14 yrs, → older adults also benefit, not just coronal caries that is reduced its root caries as well →few fluoridation studies where the examiner carried the examiner blind, dnt know who lived where, carried on mothers, water fluoridation has reduced the level of tooth decay →tooth...
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