Water Dispenser Business Proposal

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ULink Property Sdn Bhd would like to propose and subsequently seek the ULink Management’s approval on the business of Water Dispensing in the hostels of Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). The objectives of this business are:

a)To supply and manage the sales of affordable, clean and filtered water utilising the water dispenser with the daily production of 1,000 litres to the hostel dwellers in UMS. b)To save the time and electricity usage in the preparation of drinking water. c)To increase the level of safety among hostel dwellers and facilities by decreasing the usage of high voltage equipment to prepare drinking water.

a)Students living in the hostels of Kg. A, Kg. B, Kg. C, Kg. D and Kg. E in UMS compound. b)Wardens and hostels staff on duty.
c)Visitors to the hostels.

It is proposed that ten (10) units of the water dispensing machine be bought and placed at five (5) strategic locations i.e. hostels namely: a)Kg. A (2 unit on female blocks)
b)Kg. B (2 unit on male blocks)
c)Kg. C (2 unit on female blocks)
d)Kg. D (2 unit on male blocks)
e)Kg. E (1 unit each for Male and Female blocks)

Each water dispensing machine has the capacity of producing 100 litres of water per hour (1,000 litres daily) which is equivalent to the drinking water demand for one hostel block.

Our body require clean water to increase the body metabolism. This machine can help avoid diseases as well as discharge toxin from the body. Using hi-tech known as “Ultra Filtration System” this machine uses UV filtration and eliminates 100% bacteria and virus. Thus, water produced using the water dispensing machine does not contain any harmful chemicals and other matters and can be consumed directly without boiling as it can filter up to 0.0001 micrometer of dirty and dangerous matters thus producing safe and clean drinking water.

The alkaline water...
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