Water Density and Boiling Point

Topics: Density, Kilogram, Gram Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Taylor Marie Hastings
Dr. Bashuri
January 21, 2012
Chemistry I
Part A
1. Diameter of the test tube.1cm
2. Length of test tube.11.5cm
3. Volume of the test tube.9.032
4. Mass of the empty test tube.10.35g
5. Mass of the filled test tube.29.89g
6. Mass of liquid in test tube.19.54
7. Temperature of the water.22ºc
Part B
Aluminum Sinker
1. Mass of object.6.87g49.44g
2. Volume of the water in the graduated
Cylinder after the addition of the object.17.5mL19mL
3. Volume of the object due to displacement2.5mL4mL
4. Density of object.2.74812.36
5. Calculated mass of the sinker in ounces1.74g
Part C
1. Length of the foil8.5cm
2. Width of the foil8.5cm
3. Mass of the foil.60g
4. Volume of the foil.222
5. Thickness of the foil.0031
Part D
1. Boiling point of the ethanol65ºc
Part E
1. T¹ initial temperature125ºc
2. T² final temperature155ºc
Post lab questions:
1. Based on my temperature value and my lab measurements, I calculated that the water density would be 2.16 (g/mL). This calculation of density does not match up with the density in the table provided. The table calculations would give the water with 22ºc a density of 0.99770. My calculation or lab measurements must be wrong because at 4ºc, water has a density at 1. The colder the water, the higher the density. 2. For the aluminum, I got 2.50 g/mL . The discrepancies may be that the literature value measurements measure at a different gram or mL, also because the aluminum may not has been torn off evenly. Although the measure 2.50 g/mL as a density in my calculations was very close to the literature value of density of 2.70 g/mL, there is only few explanations why the calculations would be the same. 3. For the lead, I got 12.36 g/mL. The discrepancies may be that the measurement in my lab were not accurate. Or that when I placed the lead into the...
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