Water Crisis and Suggestion for Solutions

Topics: Indus River, Water resources, Water supply Pages: 26 (9649 words) Published: March 29, 2011


Individual Research Paper

A paper submitted to the Faculty of the National Institute of Management in partial fulfillment of the 11th Mid Career Management Course (MCMC). The contents of this paper are the end product of my own study and reflect the original data to make a conclusion about the theme of paper and the views expressed are entirely my own and are not necessarily endorsed by the National Institute of Management, Peshawar.

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LT(R) Shuja Naveed, PN

Date: 28-03-2011 Supervised by ________________
Mirza Khalid Amin, (ADS)

This study on Water Crisis vis-à-vis Water Resources in Pakistan and suggestions for a Workable Solutions, reminds me of my Research Paper while conducting my Course studies in the Engineering College more than two decades away. It gave me a fresh opportunity to go through books again and extract information necessary for the Research Paper with the added advantage of internet facilities which were not available to the students in those days. The topic being scientific in nature also made me to contact experts in the field and interview them. Engineer Husnain Ahmad, President Pakistan Engineering Congress, presently serving as Director General Research, Senate of Pakistan, Islamabad extended great help and provided me with the knowledge which helped me to complete the research paper in a scientific manner. The Library of National Institute of Management, Peshawar, provided me with the books which turned out to be very beneficial for completing the task. The Directing Staff in general and Mr. Mirza Khalid Amin, in specific, was a great help, without whose continuous guidance and encouragement, this would never have been realized. I also thank the Administration of the Faculty of National Institute of Management, Peshawar and the worthy Director General for maintaining such a conducive and friendly environment at NIM which enabled me to complete my paper while at the same time, broadening our mental horizon through involving the trainees in stimulating and challenging task for achieving the goal of experiential learning. It is no hidden fact that the intellect and knowledge of Mr. Naimat Ullah Abid Director General NIM Peshawar has no comparison with anyone. His arduous commitment and tenacity of purpose towards National Institute of Management, Peshawar and a stimulating paternal bond extended to the participants of 11th Mid Career Management Course (MCMC) has left a permanent and pleasant impression on my mind. I am grateful to Mirza Khalid Amin who being my Faculty Advisor for the paper guided me so well that I have been able to compile the study in limited time. Always on hand when needed, he constantly encouraged and appreciated my humble efforts towards my assignment. I acknowledge his commitment towards his duties and valuable support extended during the completion of this Research Paper. I can safely regard him as a future intellectual in the making; his efforts are bound to impart guidance to the future generation of students to come and shall prove an asset to NIM, Peshawar. I also owe my gratitude to Dr. Faizanur Rehman in his capacity as our Chief Instructor, whose unbound able knowledge and experience, in nearly every field of management proved a guiding beacon for me. I also owe to Dr. Sikander Hayat Directing Staff (Research ) NIM Lahore, for delivering a guided lecture on Research Methodoly and his Research Methods Manual which will be my guiding icon on conducting any research work in future besides Akbar Zaman, a member of the Faculty and Mr. Shahzad of computer lab NIM for their cooperation.

Water Crisis is a global phenomenon which needs special attention....
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