Water Contamination in Mumbai

Topics: Mumbai, Sewage treatment, Escherichia coli Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: May 29, 2013
In the business capital of India, There is a country named Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay. Was recently a headliner for high increase in water contamination in due to mismanagement of BMC. BMC- Bombay Municipal corporation, is a corporation of the water and sewage systems dealing within the city. Water crisis in Mumbai is beyond unbearable, 19% of water consumed is contaminated with sewage water, E. Coli, sand particles, and other harmful bacterial content besides other foreign particles. "According to BMC'S own sample test results for 2012-2013, 60,726 out of samples taken from the 24 municipal wards, nearly 11,700 were found contaminated. And out of these dirty samples, 1,474 were found to have the deadly E. Coli bacteria." It can cause severe abdominal cramps. bloody diarrhea and vomiting, confirmed by local doctors in that area. "The worst condition of water was found in Pydhonie and Bhuleshwar areas of C ward. Coming second worst in the muddy list was P-South ward where Goregaon falls. Thirty-two per cent of the ward's samples were found contaminated" There was a slight improvement in 2009-2010 when the amount of contaminated water decreased from 24% to 16%, but with the 3% increase, the government has now been shaken by the water and successfully dealing with the problem at hand. According to the consumer of BMC, if round the clock supply and pressure can be maintained in the pipeline then contamination can be avoided. The biggest hurdle is assuring that the contaminated water is not mixed within the uncontaminated water. By providing new pipelines you can kill the bacteria within the pipes. What causes this is that the water in some pipes has low pressure and over the years it causes erosion within the pipes. So the rust and dirst particles are mixing among the clean water supplied throughout the city. The BMC have now made some progress in attacking this problem at hand. They are providing new pipelines within the city. 72km of pipes are being...
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