Water Conservation

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Water Conservation

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For many years, water has been treated as a source that will never disappear. Now that it is for sure that we need to make conscience and don’t spend too much water on things, the next essay will be written. In some parts of Mexico, water has been exploded to its maximum. In places where people have a lot of money, more water is used for things. For example, in Mexico DF, we use 270 L per day, this means that in a year the total consume is 98,550 L. People who have a garden uses water for maintenance, a pool needs to be clean and full, cars (in many cases) are washed with a hose which uses a lot of water. (Teresa Montaño, 2012) To change this situation, using less water will make the difference. Some examples of what could be done would be: * Washing the vegetables in a bowl.

* Washing the clothes with a special detergent that can recycle water for another wash. * Washing the teeth with little water, just open the key when needed. * Making sure there is no leak of water.

* Closing the key correctly.
* Don’t wait until the water is hot.
* Trying not to bath in a bathtub.
* Putting certain amount of water in the back part of the toilet. * When bathing if waiting for the water to be hot put a trey to save the water and make it usable for recycling. Telling people and making them conscience about the problems in the whole world would make the difference. A social problem to use in the campaign will be showing people how is water not forever, and that if they want they children to have the same privileges, then they’ll need to save the water.

Teresa Montaño, 2012. “Zonas residenciales, las que consumen más agua” [Online] Avialable at: http://www.eluniversaledomex.mx/otros/nota29214.html [Accessed 23/01/2013]
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