Water Conservation

Topics: United States Environmental Protection Agency, Rainwater harvesting, Water conservation Pages: 3 (824 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Water Conservation
It is no secret that water is the basis of all life. Up to 60% of the human body is made up of water. The environment and the world continue to grow everyday with people and living things. Therefore to ensure the survival of all man-kind we need to learn to conserve water. There are three major points to why you should limit your water use. Saving water saves energy. When you use water wisely, you save money. Last but not least you need water to survive. TRANSITION:It takes a considerable amount of energy to deliver and treat the water you use every day. (“EPA” 2001) Now I would like to illustrate a picture on how conserving water can help save energy. I. How can saving water save energy?

A. The truth is vast amounts of energy are used to pump, treat, deliver, and heat
our nations’ water. If we reduce the amount of water we can be conserving both. (“EPA” 2011)
B. Transporting water uses energy.
1. Use local water. Rain water harvesting is an energy saver. (“Clean Tech” 2008)
C. Heating water uses an immense deal of energy. (“Clean Tech” 2008)
1. You should try washing clothes with cold water.
2. We can also try to take shorter showers to shorten hot water use.
D. We can try to eat healthier. We could eat more grains and vegetables in order
to cut down on the beef. (“Clean Tech” 2008)
1. Animal farming takes more energy and water than regular crop farming.
2. Beef production requires 100 times more water to produce the
equivalent in protein from grains. (“Clean Tech” 2008) TRANSITION:When you think about it, it’s impossible to separate our energy use from our water use. Since we have explored this logic let’s take it a step further to see how this can impact our wallets. Furthermore helping us save some money. I. How can saving water save you a few bucks?

A. The average household looses about $147 dollars on water because of leaks....
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