Water Birth

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Alternatives You can leave the pool at any time You may use a bath or a shower as an alternative Alternative therapies aid relaxation e.g.: aromatherapy, hypnosis, massage. We also have a variety of equipment for use e.g.: mats, birthing stool, exercise balls and bean bags. Your midwife will be able to discuss alternatives with you. Consequences The consequences of not accepting water for pain relief is that you would have to consider alternatives. This could be any of the points mentioned above or you might consider other Invasive and non-invasive pain relief including one of the following:TNS , Pethidine , Epidural , or Reflexology. If you decide not to access any of these forms of pain relief your labour will be more painful and you will get tired more quickly

MAT 5 William Harvey Library References RCM: Position Paper No. 1a. Use of water in labour and birth. 2000. Creation Date: 2005 Reformatted: 2007 Review Date: 2008


If you have any question regarding the use of water or the pool, or other forms of pain relief please discuss with your midwife or doctor.

Water for Pain Relief in Labour and Birth

What's on Offer
The George Eliot Maternity Unit has a birthing pool that was provided by The League of friends, it is free of charge to use. However this may not mean it is available for your use when you are in labour. This might be because, as there is only one pool, someone is already using it or it may be that there is not enough skilled staff available. If you are considering a homebirth you can hire a pool for use at home. Women have used water for many years to provide comfort and pain relief during their labours. Your midwife will be able to give you further advice.

Reduce the need for drugs that accelerate your labour Lessen the chance of trauma to your perineum Make it more likely that you will achieve a natural birth Your partner can get in the pool with you (swimwear please) Disadvantages/risks Some studies have highlighted...
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