Water Billing System

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Table of Contents

1.0Introduction ( Page 3-5 )
1.2Background of the Study
1.3Statement of the Problem
1.4Objective of the Study
1.3.1 General Objective
1.3.2 Specific Objective
1.5Significance of the Study
1.6Scope and Limitation
2.0Methodology of the Study ( Page 6-7 )
3.0Data Gathering Procedures and Outputs ( Page 8-9 )
4.0Documentation of the Current System ( Page 10-15 )
5.0Cost-Benefit Analysis ( Page 16-19 )
6.0Requirements Analysis Specification ( Page 20-23 )
7.0Software Design Specification ( Page 24-25 )
8.0System Requirements ( Page 25 )
9.0System Maintenance ( Page 25 )
10.0Extras(Review on Rel. Literature) ( Page 26-28 )

1.0 Abstract

This project explains how the system can improve the way things are done at V-V Francisco Water Management. It discusses how the system was developed and it was thought-through very well. This study also shows how the group worked together to acquire their goal. In just less than 2 months, the group was able to create a module that fits the company. The results will now be discuss and later revealed.

1.1 Background of the Study

Since 1999, The V & V-Francisco Water Management owned by Francisco Realty & Development Corporation has been managed by Emmanuel Z. Vitug and Danny Villuanueva. The field office is located in Lot 1 Block 13 Francisco Homes 2 Graceville San Jose del Monte City Bulacan. There are 624 homeowners being served. Every 9th day of the month water meters are read. An employee records the reading and the secretary encodes and writes it on every homeowners database chart. And on the 24th day of the month, they release a disconnection notice for those who have a balance with their accounts.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

General Problem
How to create an accurate and consistent Water Billing module for V-V Francisco Water Management.

Specific Problem
How to create a module that will manage files.
The company is currently facing problems on how to manage their files. It would take up a lot time for just one file to be done and stored. And in cases of calamities; files may be destroyed, damage or misplaced.

How to create a module that will efficiently compute water billing of each homeowner. •The company computes the bill of each homeowner manually. They make use of pen and paper to calculate the bills. This method is open to errors in computation.

How to create a module that will produce correct reports. •Presently, the company produces the reports by themselves then making Xerox copies of the original one and passing it along to the homeowner. Original copies are made by simply accessing Microsoft Excel then typing the gathered meter reading and printing the finished report. Inconsistency can be seen here.

1.3 Objective of the Study

General Objective: To create an accurate, reliable, and correct water billing system for V-V Francisco Water Management.

Specific Objective:
To create a module that will answer all the problems of V-V Francisco Water Management. Modules that can constantly manage files, efficiently compute the bills and can correctly produce reports for each homeowner.

1.4 Significance of the Study

The system that the group developed is a great improvement to V & V-Francisco Water Management system. It could also be a big help to the group because we are currently still adjusting in the world of computers and with this kind of project the group will be prepared in the future. As for the employees or staff of V & V-Francisco Water Management it will make their work much easier, updating and checking records will be by means of computer and not by writing.

1.5 Scope and Limitation

The group decided to focus on the V & V-Francisco Water Management because for the past years the company is somewhat low technology. The group is planning to create a program/system for the said company that could solve the said problems. The system will at least...
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