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“US Intelligence says water shortages threaten stability” The US Intelligence report tells us, in opinion, that if in fact there is a shortage in water throughout the United States, it could trigger competition over the next decade. This competition would put United States, South Asia, and The Middle East in a situation because South Asia and the Middle East are important to the U.S. National Security. The director of National Intelligence says that “it is unlikely that within the next 10 years that an all-out water war will occur. Nations would become more likely to use water as a bargaining chip with each other.” This means that whoever maintains this water could use in during trade for other resources coming from another country. It was then said that terrorists will be more likely to come to take this water from whoever holds it. The same day Hilary Clinton said “These threats are real and they do raise serious security concerns.” The main cause of this water scarcity was averaged to be because of population and economic growth, while the climate change is also a major threat. March 22 was then declared “Water Day” The relevance to the subject matter is that this is a global issues waiting to take place. Our country could be having more frequent “9-11” attacks because we hold water in our country. Other countries might revolt and go after this life necessity. I chose this event because this is affecting our country and ten years it could take over our country. The purpose of this article is to inform readers about what the water scarcity could lead to. If we don’t do our best to maintain our water, drought and large scarcities can take place and begin to destroy our country.   This article is informative but it could have been more specific in what we had to do or what we could to do prevent this...
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