Topics: Water, Ontology, Function Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: December 3, 2012

The statement that the water is alive seemed most appropriate and complete explanation for this substance. It will be the basis of my essay – water is alive, it can make us richer, delight, provide and treat us, raise our imagination and create favourable conditions for our existence. The role of water can be discussed philosophically and globally. 75% of earth is covered by water. Rivers, lakes, seas and oceans are the main traffic territories in which man has developed economic activities Unfortunately the water in all times has served also as a territory where power settled its political deeds. Disastrous consequences of wars still endanger safe navigation however during the last years specialists keep cleaning out seas from non-exploded mines and neutralises them. Qualitative drinking water is a problem not only in the countries where it has been deficiency for centuries. People in Europe more use water that has been specially processed, refined, and enriched with vitamins and mineral substances. Thus the substance which seems to be so undistinguished and available to everyone has become as income source. Water develops the person. It is a substance that makes people clean. Whatever chemical stuff offer representatives of body care industry, all these substances, their basic function to keep our body beautiful can make only in close connection with water. Water makes function of virtue education. How? It is simple. Children are taught to do different tasks of which many are connected with water usage. They can be very primitive but at the same time very important tasks: dishwashing, cleaning the floor, watering the flowers. Imagine what would happen if we did not have water. People would not be able to develop many of these skills. It is another expression of water – teaching the manners. Water is vitally necessary for people. It is alive because only life has so immeasurably diverse image of expression.
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