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  • Published : January 4, 2013
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WI-TRIBE is new company in a market. It introduces a wide range of internet packages. In Pakistan, telecommunication industry is growing at a very fast rate. For the survival every telecommunication company is trying to differentiate their product at extreme limits. Wi-tribe enters in a market with new segmented strategy by dividing the economy consumption. Student, family, and business consumption is segmented by wi- tribe. However, it also specifies the surfing hours for their users related to their social rank. As compared to WI-TRIBE, QUBEE offer low cost packages to whole nation without any discrimination. Qubee uses postpaid and prepay packages commonly It provides internet on a daily basis in which a customer can use internet on daily basis up to the limit he/she wants. Qubee offers low activation charges for the activation of their devices. Non Wi-Fi devices at RS:500 only, where as Wi-Tribe charges Rs:1500. Wi-tribe limited the downloading hours for every customer, where as qubee provides unlimited downloading hours for customers. Qubee introduces special night packages for night riders. WI-TRIBE only adopted the dynamic pricing strategies in their pricing menu. It focuses little on the value it packages giving to its customers. Customers concentrate on value and benefit more other than cost. Qubee is also providing a very high speed internet with greater volume in Lahore as compared to other internet companies. This pricing menu is also quite difficult for a layman to understand due to the cluster of packages.
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