Wateen Hrm Report

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We would like to thank the Human Resource Department of Wateen Telecom especially Ms. Bushra Tariq (Manager Recruitment and Selection) for providing the invaluable information pertaining to the setup and working of the HR Department at Wateen. We appreciate the help of Mr. Najum Munir (Manager Strategy and Planning) for making our visit to Wateen a successful and comprehensive learning experience. We value the support of all group members and course mates on making this project an excellent endeavor to show the best of our capabilities. Last but not the least we would like to show our gratitude towards the Mr. Haroon Ahmad our Human Resource Management instructor without the guidance of whom this project would not have been possible in the first place.

This study intends to bring out the best of what we have learned in theory and utilize it practically. It gives a brief insight on the company in focus and delves deep into the Human Resource Department of the organization. It sheds light on the setup and working of the department with details on the different sections, hierarchy, responsibilities and the strategic view of the department. This study unfolds the HR department into portions that can be comprehended easily and then used to identify the loopholes in the working of the department. Through an analysis of the working and setup of the HR department the study recommends changes for the improvement of the department.

Wateen Telecom
Wateen Telecom is the Abu Dhabi Group's latest venture in Pakistan after the successful launch of Warid Telecom in Pakistan. Wateen Telecom has been set up to become the leading "Carrier's Carrier" providing services based on quality, reliability and affordability in the communication and media sector. Wateen is committed to bring Next Generation services to its customers. Wateen Telecom, Pakistan's largest communication company in the private sector has become the detrimental catalyst that has rampantly moved forward the country into a digital revolution with its ability to seamlessly connect and enable smarter, faster, cost-effective and flexible communication solutions to reach its valued customers. Wateen offers a complete range of carrier class telecom and multimedia services like fixed wireless and line telephony, always-on broadband for data, internet and TV/multimedia along with a host of other value-added services and applications to set the standards for a new era of communications and entertainment in Pakistan. Wateen continues to build on the heritage of its parent company - The Abu Dhabi Group. Wateen believes in leadership through people. their technology and service-delivery strengths stems from their valued employees who have joined Wateen from all over the world to earn customer trust and loyalty with a continuing commitment to the deployment of innovative products and services, reliable, high-quality service and excellent customer care. Human Resource Department

Since Wateen is a well-established company it needs a separate and an efficient department to perform its HR functions. Currently the HR department of Wateen is responsible for planning labor needs, selecting and recruiting job candidates, conducting job analysis, performance appraisal, communicating and building employee commitment, managing wages, providing incentives and benefits and providing training. Some of these functions are performed solely by the HR department of Wateen however there are some roles that are performed in collaboration with the GMs and line managers. It has a total of three HR departments in different zones all over Pakistan. There is a North HR department which is currently immature and short of resources. There is one in South where Wateen has only one HR assistant manager and the third one which is the Central one is the most developed of all the three. It has currently got nine people working under it. (Tariq, B. personal communication, March 31,...
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