Watching a Movie at Home

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“Watching a movie @ home and watching a movie @ the theatre”

Everyone loves to watch movies. For some people it’s difficult because some like to go places, so they would rather go to the theatre. Some people are very lazy so they would rather stay home. Everybody has a reason why they would rather watch a movie at home or the theatre, and here are some reasons why I think watching a movie at home is different from watching a movie at the theatre.

Watching a movie at home it’s free. You can watch it over and over again without paying for it. It has free food. For example, while your movie is paused, you’ll have plenty of time fixing a small snack for yourself and come back later and replay your movie. At home, you can lie down and watch or you can rest your legs on the resting leg stew.

In contrast, watching a movie at the theatre you have to pay for everything. You get to buy a ticket in order for you to watch a movie. If you’re thinking of eating while watching, you need to buy a snack. In the theatre, if you’re caught putting your legs on the seats you get scold from the security or one of the staffs.

Watching a movie at home you can watch it by yourself. You can see the screen very clearly. With only you in the room, you can hear the movie loud and clear. You can sit anywhere you like in the room. You can enjoy watching a movie only if you’re at home.

Watching a movie at the theatre on the other hand, it’s very crowded. You can hardly see the screen when there are so many people in the front of you. With so many people in the room, you’re going to have a hard time trying to hear the movie, for the people will talk loud or their children would start crying during the movie. There will be no seats available for you. You’ll be so irritated by the people in the room or someone sitting in your seats.

Watching a movie at home you don’t have to stand in line. You’ll be wasting time waiting for the line to move when you can watch it in your own...
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