Watching Tv- Is Good for You?

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  • Published : October 14, 2012
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Dewayne Malolo
Eng 102
Evaluation Essay 1st Draft

Watching TV- Is good for you?
While it may be disliked by parents, friends or you neighbors in your town, TV industry is a permanent part of our world. In the history of TV, it began in 1873. It can help people in several ways while they are watching.

Watching TV is an excellent way to relieve stress. When you spend about 10 to 20 minutes a day watching TV, you will experience and learn new things. However, watching TV is more interesting and educating people while they are watching movies. It also helps when you are having problem. Some people watch a movie as a way to get their mind off of their problems. Actually, watching TV is the most effective ways of doing things.

Improved logic is another way that watching TV is good for people. It’s really sad because it’s a skill that mostly ignored in public education nowadays. It’s true because logical talents are critically important in our world. Nevertheless, watching TV trains your mind in thinking logically.

Quick learning is also a good way by watching TV. Some people watch movies in order to learn some actions from the hero of the movies they watch. So they learn quickly by following the actions that they take from the movies. Most of the times people watch TV to learn things. Even the children, when they watch TV, they quickly learn things, like speaking English and other things that they see and hear in the movies.

These three arguments make me believe that everyone should watch TV. We really know that stress relief is important. Improved logic and quick learning are huge assets in life. So when somebody starts making fun of you about “you wasting your time” watching TV, you can just let them know that you are experiencing things by spending your times watching TV.
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