Watch Thou for the Mutants

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  • Published : December 11, 2011
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Watch Thou for the Mutant
By: Saruha Yoganathan
Date: January 19th 2011

Hi, my name is Rosie Jones. I live in the Fringes with my ten year old brother named Michael, my twenty year old sister named Sherry, and both my parents. I was born in a decent city named Waknuk, but was sent here when I was 18. I am as normal as any other human being, except for my height and length of arms. I am four foot eight inches and here, if you’re less than four foot ten inches, you were considered a “midget”. All my old friends back in Waknuk were just about twice as tall as me. Also, my arms are half the size of “average”, so I was recognized as a blasphemy. Michael was sent to the Fringes because he cannot listen through his ears, people here call it “deaf”. Sherry is not able to see through her eyes, she describes it as seeing nothing but black and dim lights; they call it “blind”. Michael was sent here 5 years before me, and Sherry was sent here 15 years before me because they were more noticeable at younger ages. Since all my siblings are with me in the Fringes now, my parents had no choice but to come and take care of us. We used to be one of the wealthier families in Waknuk; we had no offences in our crops or animals, we had a nice house, lived in a great, safe community, and we were related to Joseph Strorm! Uncle Joseph is my mom’s brother, and we have a great bond with their family. Although something about his son, David’s behaviour seems a bit strange and suspicious. Once we came to the Fringes, our whole daily lifestyles changed into what we could never have imagined a couple of years ago. Now, we live in a very small neighbourhood and have to share a small house with another family. But, we are thankful that we weren’t tortured like everyone else because of our reputation back in Waknuk.
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