Watch the Following Videos on the Beckham Fragrance, the Question Given on These Videos Is: “How Does Marketing Affect You?” Students Will Have to Write a One Word-Processed Page of Notes in Answer to the Question.

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Brand Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Watch the following videos on the Beckham fragrance, the question given on these videos is: “How does marketing affect you?” Students will have to write a one word-processed page of notes in answer to the question.

Thanks to advertising, the consumer examines with the appearance of the product, its attractiveness and often price. Advertising allows the consumer to learn about the products, specific brands or stores, and then customers shopping unthinkingly select the products that they saw in the ad. Moreover, it may also relate to the feelings of the consumer, so influence its decisions. Advertising expected to be reliable and show that the consumer will benefit from purchasing this product. To encourage the buyer to purchase and expedite its decisions, companies can use appropriate terms such as "buy now". Advertising reassures us and when do not have specific views on the product and brand. We will probably choose the one about we hear the most often in advertising and see on billboards, leaflets or advertising folders. If the advertisement contains a price, customer will remember it and compare to the other, if it is advantageous it will also choose this product. Advertising has to show some article in the best way. Advertising always shows the people who use the product in bright light. They are beautiful, usually very well dressed and they only use superlatives to describe advertised product .Simply perfect and innocent people. They are trying to convince us that the product advertised by them is better than others, average, concurrent product from another brand. In attached advertising. In the attached advertising we have presented two very attractive people who want to convince us that after using this perfume we will feel the desire and also feel exclusively and special. People who are watching this ad have the impression that this perfume is unique, because they are used by David and Victoria Beckham. I had an impression that the ad was neither...
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