Watch Standing

Topics: Time, United States Marine Corps, Clock Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: May 17, 2012
During a ship’s will always have Sailors on watch. There are probably more than a hundred different types of watches, depending on the ship or station. Whatever type of watch, the watch stander must devote full attention to it. The ship’s watches are manned by its personnel to keep the ship running smoothly every hour of the day. Watches vary, of course, depending on both the type of ship and whether the ship is under way or in port. Even when the ship is moored in port and receiving it’s services (utilities, such as steam, water, and electricity) from the pier or another ship, it is necessary to maintain a watch for communications, security, and safety. During your time in the Navy, you will be required to stand many watches. Some watches will be of a security nature, such as a pier sentry or roving patrol; others will be operational, such as simply being a phone talker or even a status board operator. Whatever the type of watch, you must devote your full attention to it. Not paying attention or negligence on your part can result in serious consequences for the ship and your fellow shipmates It is your responsibility to check the watch bill daily. You should check for any changes made in your assigned watches or even to refresh your memory for said watches as well as to make note of any changes in the schedule for the ship. When an abandon ship drill, or a fire drill, or even an anti-terrorism drill is held, for instance, you should not have to take time to find out what your station is and where it is located. A shipmate’s life may depend on you to be where you are assigned to be should an actual event occur. Most of the watches in the Navy are of 4 hours duration. Time off between watches depends on the number of sections and the number of personnel in each station. Normally, watches start on the even hours, such as 0400, 0800, or 1200. However, you should arrive at your station at least 15 minutes ahead of time (30 minutes onboard Boxer) to receive any...
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