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A report submitted to IIMT, Greater NOIDA as per a fulfillment of full time Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management


Dr. D. K. Garg Hareram Kumar
Chairman,ENR- 15033
Ishan Institute of Management 15th Batch PGDBM And Technology

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In the Watch industry, marketing and selling are playing a big role, sales have big concern with the profit but marketing of any product in sector is concern with the need, want, and recruitment of customer with the organization profitability. In telecom industry competition is very tough and change is very fast. So marketing strategy play a very vital role in this industry My final project is all about the Market segmentation of wrist watches. It means that I have to work on the strategy which the company is adopting in marketing and selling of its products and services for expanding its business and competing with the competitors. In this project, I supposed to know the selling and marketing strategies of the MTNL product and services. What are the marketing steps being taken by the agencies. The queries, which are asked by the client, should be solved by the discussion with the company guide and marketing research.


I have great pleasure in certifying that the final project on “Market Segmentation of wrist watches” submitted by Shri HARERAM KUMAR of Ishan Institute of Management and Technology, Greater Noida in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of degree of P.G. Diploma in Management has carried out under my supervision and guidance. This work has not been submitted anywhere else for any other degree or diploma.

(Ajay kumar) Guide of project

Practical study is essential for any Professional curriculum otherwise it will merely leap in dark. Apart from classroom study it is necessary to know about the day to day working of the organization. To fulfill the above objective every student has to undergo practical study before he/she can consider himself/herself fully qualified as a Potential Manager. During the course of my training, I learn that there is big difference between class room study and practical life. I got opportunity to undergo training under Mr. Ajay Kumar I express my thanks to my company guide Mr.Ajay Kumar ( Managing Director Gagdamba Watch Tugalpur Gr.Noida) for accepting me as a Summer Trainee in the organization and for his resolute guidance, meticulous supervision and constant encouragement during training till now. I would also like to wish a special thanks to our Dr. D.K. Garg (Chairman) and Pro. M.K. Verma (Dean) without whose guidance this project would have been a distant dream.



The final project on “Market Segmentation of Wrist Watches.” Under the guidance of Mr. Ajay Kumar Gr. Noida. This is the original work done by me. This is the property of the institute and use of this report without prior permission of the institute will be considered illegal and actionable.

Date: Name: HARERAM KUMAR Signature: Place: ENR. No: 15033


Chapter 1
Executive summary
Literature Review
Objective of the study
Chapter 2
a)History of wrist...
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