Topics: Recycling, Computer, Debut albums Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: August 2, 2012
Billions of electronic waste has been thrown away in just the United States this year. Most of the waste was dumped in landfills and only a small percent was actually recycled. Functionalist view our society as a normal one. They see our society like a living organism with its various parts working together for the good of the whole (page 22). I believe that a functionalist would view this video as disaster! Thinking from their perspective we work together as one and do things the right way for the good of our country. Our electronics are being shipped over sea and being sold. Countries are making a living off of our electronic waste and it is illegal. The dumping of electronic waste in other countries is cost effective but highly dangerous. It is releasing hazardous chemicals in the air. The electronic waste that is not being recycled properly is causing a lot of health issues plus contaminating food. Electronic waste contains toxic chemicals that are fatal. They found lead in circuit boards, in televisions and found in computer monitor glass. Lead can destroy the nervous system, affect your blood, and also affect your baby if you’re pregnant. They have found mercury also in computers, laptops and fluorescent lights. Mercury can affect our food chain if it gets into our streams and rivers. It also can cause damage to the organs and brain development in fetuses. Cadmium is also found in chip resistors. Cadmium can cause harm to the kidneys and also induce types of cancer. I’m personally blown away by all this nonsense. I think that if an Interactionist viewed this film and seen the horrific damage that it is causing in our country and other countries that they would go straight to the person that is in charge of our electronic waste. An interactionist views our society and what they see around the world, they focus and interact one on one. I believe they would be so upset with anger and concern that they would petition a law that there would be no more...
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