Wasteful Lifestyle of Hong Kong

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Wasteful lifestyle of Hong Kong
On a gloomy Sunday morning, you woke up and saw the buildings were destroyed by the heavy acid rain. Then, you just sat on the sofa and started eating unpalatable breakfast which was overnight food and smell fusty. You feel tedious as the electric was cut off , no computer games and no television shows. The stinking smell made you sick and began to vomit. Fortunately, this awful situation is an imagination only. But if Hong Kong people still have the wasteful lifestyle, one day, this nightmare will come true. If we love Hong Kong and the next generation, please take actions to protect our environment.

Hong Kong has an imminent festive waste problem. According to the article which is called ‘In Hong Kong, a Precipice of Waste’, it pointed out Hong Kong campaign group Greeners Action estimated that more than 9,200 trees are being used for 180 million ‘Lai See’ envelopes. Meanwhile, the Hong Kong office of Friends of the Earth calculated that one-fifth of the food at traditional Chinese banquets is thrown away, namely Hong Kong people dumped more than 2,120,000 mooncakes in the Mid-Autumn Festival. Moreover, City administrators warned that Hong Kong will run out of landfill space in these ten years. As a consequence, deforestation, large amount of solid and food waste, it may lower the quality of air, fill up the landfills and have the problem of food shortage. It threats our living environment and living standard. In fact, Hong Kong government has implemented some plans to save the environment.

For the recycling rate, Hong Kong government has implemented the ‘Management of Municipal Solid Waste’, sets out some comprehensive strategies, for instance, resource separation, which helps improving the municipal solid waste recovery rate from 40% in 2004 to 50% by 2014. Provide waste separation facilities on each building floor, and broadening the types of recyclables to be recovered. Then, the festive waste, such as...
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