Wasteful Americans

Topics: Waste, Food, Nutrition Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: August 11, 2010
Wasteful America
Robin Sanchez-Martinez, English
Vera Alexander
Sunday, August 08, 2010

Wasteful America.

While Americans are starving people are wasting edible foods. More often than not humans would rather throw out food than try to save it or give it to someone that will use it. In America alone millions of people starve each and every day. No one does anything to stop the wastefulness of humans. Is it just greed that people are so wasteful? Corporations often will receive a tax credit for their wasted products and they give it back to the company it comes from and from there it is all wasted. Often people will go shopping just to have food in the house so when they have company the house looks lived in and will never use it. People could donate their food that they will not use but sometimes they are embarrassed to donate. They may think they are better than that and would rather just throw it away, or maybe they buy food in bulk because they get a better deal and will never be able to consume it before it wastes and the end result they throw it away. Corporations often will receive a tax credit for their wasted products so they. Is theft the reason corporation will not donate their expired products? Stores might not allow employees to take food that has expired for fear of falsifying waste logs to reflect more “expired” products than actual expired food. In personal experience companies that I have worked for would rather throw away expired food due to the fear of employees stealing. Corporations are so afraid of theft they are not willing to help out their own employees that may not be able to make enough to afford food.

Do Companies honestly think they will be sued for giving people food? Sometimes Corporations do not donate to the public because if someone gets sick from food they were given they could sue the Corporation due to Food Borne Illness. Corporations may not give expired food to...
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