Waste Treatment System in Batam Municipality Indonesia

Topics: Waste management, Recycling, Waste-to-energy Pages: 9 (2111 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Waste Treatment System In Batam Municipality Indonesia T1273021 - Irwan Saputra Waste treatment system reported in this paper is in Batam Municipality. It is an island city in Riau Island Province of Indonesia, which is located east of Sumatera Island and near Singapore. It has a territorial area of 108,265 (ha). During the period from 2000 through 2010, the population increased at an annual average of 7.57%. Currently, 1,168,741 citizens live in Batam Municipality. Population density has increased from 600 people/km2 in 2009 to 641 people/km2 in 2010. Waste collecting system is done by three ways. Firstly waste is immediately brought by each resident to temporary dumping site. Secondly the waste is brought to temporary dumping site under neighborhood coordinator by using garbage cart. Thirdly the waste are collected and transported directly to final disposal site by conveyor company. Interestingly since it is difficult to find site for temporary dumping site in residential place, household waste must to be collected from door to door by conveyor company. The waste generation from offices, industries, markets also are stored in 1. Existing Waste Treatment System in Batam their containers/temporary dumping site before Municipality transferred to final disposal site. Solid waste treatment system in Batam Government has conducted a 3R (reduce, reuse Municipality is managed by Dinas Kebersihan dan and recycle of the waste) campaign to community.2) Pertamanan (DKP) (Waste and Landscape Management Agency). This institution has been Hereafter we can find several neighborhoods which appointed according to Batam Municipality have done waste source treatment although it is still Regulation No.12/2007 regarding Establishing on limited because of lack of knowledge and low Organization Structure and Work Arrangement in willingness to implement government campaign. Batam Municipality. Waste transportation in Batam Municipality is held by conveyor company and supported by Storage (individual Controlled Household government transporter. Temporary /semi communal) Landfill dumping site Conveyor company is Final Storage (individual) Offices responsible for Temporary Waste Picker Disposal transportation of waste dumping site Site Storage (individual Market generation from households, (FDS) /communal) Temporary offices, markets, and Composting dumping site Industry industry. Meanwhile Storage (individual) Temporary government transporter is dumping site Street/Park for park/street and public Storage (communal) facilities. Currently Batam Municipality deploys 3 Collec Trans Waste Storage FDS conveyor companies ting porting Generation appointed by Waste and Fig. 1 Solid Waste Treatment System in Batam Municipality Landscape Management Agency based on auction mechanism. Waste generation comes from households, Waste generation from all the sources finally is offices, markets, industries, and street/park as shown transported to final disposal site (FDS) in Telaga in Fig 1.1) In the residential place, resident supplies Punggur. It is located on south eastern of Batam container such as small masonry container, plastic Island and 15,8 km from Batam Municipality central drum/thrash bin, and small bracket. Unfortunately office. It has been operated since 1997 on the area of resident sometimes does not supply the container in 46 ha. Until now the area utilized for waste treatment particular, they just put in their household waste in is about 17 ha. the plastic bag only very cursory and then place it in Several facilities constructed in Telaga Punggur front of their house and then to be collected by FDS such as road, weighbridge (1 unit), office (1 janitors. Moreover resident has not done source unit), heavy vehicle station (1 unit), drainage, basin separation even though there were campaigns from leachate (1 unit). Currently Telaga Punggur FDS is government. In fact source separation campaign done applying the controlled landfill for the waste by...
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