Waste Management

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Waste management is an important part of the urban infrastructure as it ensures the protection of the environment and of human health .It is not only a technical environmental issue but also a highly political one. Waste management is closely related to a number of issues such as urban lifestyles, resource consumption pattern, jobs and income levels, and other socio-economic and cultural factors. Waste prevention and minimization has positive environmental, human health and safety and economic impacts. Implementing a “less is better” concept provides better protection of human health and safety by reducing exposures, generating less demand for disposal on the environment. Less Waste also lowers disposal cost. Arising quality of life and high rates of resource consumption patterns have had an unintended and negative impact on the urban environment – generation of wastes far beyond the handling capacities of urban governments and agencies. Cities are now grappling with the problems of high volumes of waste, the costs involved, the disposal technologies and methodologies and the impact of wastes on the local and global environment. But these problems have also provided a window of opportunity for cities to find solutions- involving the community and the private sector, involving innovative technologies and disposal methods, and involving behavior changes and awareness raizing. These issues have amply demonstrated by good practices from many cities around the world. There is a need for a complete rethinking of “waste”- to analyze if waste is indeed waste.

A rethinking that calls for,
WASTE to become WEALTH
TRASH to become CASH
There is a clear need for the current approach of waste disposal that is focused on municipalities and uses high energy / high technology , to move more towards waste processing and waste recycling (that involves public-private partnerships , aiming for eventual waste minimization –driven at the community level, and using low energy/low technology resources . Some of the defining criteria for future waste minimization program will include deeper community participation, understanding economic benefits/recovery of waste, focusing on life cycles (rather than end-of-pipe solutions, decentralized administration of waste, minimizing environmental impacts, reconciling investment cost with long-term goals.


To study the waste management situation and to understand the process that goes behind it. That will help me create an awareness to protect public health, safety and to provide a safe working environment. All efforts of mine are to learn how to reduce waste without compromising health. OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT:

The basic objective of this project is creating awareness about waste management and the steps taken to reduce waste prevailing in the city. LIMITATIONS OF THE PROJECT:
The only limitation or rather, an opportunity that could have taken this study to another level, I felt was, in terms of my inability to go to other places across India or overseas to see for myself the situation there and how the local authorities are tackling it. Someday, an opportunity to this will certainly bring a new dimension to my understanding of this project. METHODOLOGY OF DATA COLLECTION:

* Interviews with concerned people from the industry.
* Research using reading material like articles, journals, newspapers, UN reports. * Field work involving visit to ITC, Bisleri, MPCB.


Waste is rubbish, trash, garbage or junk is unwanted or undesired material. There are a number of different types of waste. It can exist as a solid, liquid or gas or as waste heat. When released in the latter two states the wastes can be referred to as emissions. It is usually strongly linked with pollution. Waste may also be intangible in the case of wasted time or wasted opportunities. The term waste implies...
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