Waste Disposa in Bauleni Compound

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  • Published : August 11, 2011
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2. Acknowledgements
3. Dedication
4. Introduction and Background
5. Location
6. Problem Statement
7. Aims and Objectives
8. Methodology
9. Primary and Secondary Data
10. Limitations



“Since the beginning of time people have needed to find a way of disposing of their trash” (Bassis Luke). Proper garbage disposal is important to ensure everyone's safety from possible health hazards. The improper waste disposal of garbage is a major sociological problem today due to its capability of contaminating the area in which we live and it’s potential to be lethal to all living things. Its effects increase the risk of adverse health effects in humans and animals, causes damage to eco-systems and accelerate the destruction of our environment. The more waste we generate, the more we have to dispose of.

Bauleni houses many people and businesses hence many foreign people come to the area and leave lot of litter. So to say, the residents are the ones that are responsible for cleaning the area. It is true that they do clean the area but the litter or garbage that is collected is not thrown away properly.


In 1998, Bauleni was declared an improvement Area. Bauleni was a traditional village, which then transformed into an informal urban settlement.

Bauleni was originally settled by farm workers after the owner of the farm left Mr. Bauleni, an ex farm worker, was unofficially in charge of the settlement. Then with the increase in population, the activities changed from agricultural to service based. Land for subsistence became scare. Alternative means of earning a living had to be found. The village was transformed to an informal settlement.

After Mr. Bauleni’s death, the local party (UNIP) branch officials took over the management. In 1990, HUZA, the Local Authority and the residents started upgrading the Bauleni area. HUZA became involved only after it...
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