Waste and Its Management in Our School Community

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Waste at St Patricks College

On the 21st of February 2013, our class was given a research action plan about the geographical issues in our school. Darcie and I decided that we would target the issue of waste and its management in our school. Our main aim was to find out why it happens, where it happens and how we can prevent it.

The first step to achieve our goal was to email all the students and staff in our school an online survey to complete. This was done using the website called survey monkey. Our survey consisted of 7 questions ranging from what year group you are in, the prevention of waste in our school.

Below are the results for the 7 survey questions.

From this question, I found that people in Year 10 completed the most surveys. We asked this question because we wanted to know that were getting the results from a range of age groups, which expresses the point of views from different angles.

We chose to ask this question because we wanted to know if people were actually concerned about the amount of waste in our school. From this question I realized that people were concerned about the amount of waste in our school.

This question was an open-ended question so we got a variety of answers. To put it into a graph, I had to categorize them, which fell under the heading on the graph to the left. Most people said that they were concerned because it looks bad for the environment and they didn’t want any further harm to happen to wildlife because of our mistakes. From these results it was surprising to see that 12 percent of the people didn’t even see much rubbish.

The results from this question were what I expected it to be but when this was compared to the question “Are you concerned about the amount of waste in our school?”, 18 percent of the people said no, but in this question, no-one said no and 19 percent of the people said that they didn’t care.

The next three questions we asked were the most important to us because this was...
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