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As mentioned above, there are a few major competitors in the fast-food industryin India for KFC, namely McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Domino's and Subway. The substitute products, in this case, would be burgers, pizza, and sandwiches. Though they arecompetitors, their primary products differ greatly from each other, in that they sell,chicken, burgers and fries, pizzas, and sandwiches, respectively. TraditionalIndian dining, home-cooked meals, and grocery stores with ready-to-eat foods are alsosubstitutes, as families could choose any one of these over fast food for a meal. Thesesubstitutes are definitely considered healthy as compared to the fast food chains. Evenfoods from street vendors count as substitute goods.While other fast foods serve as substitute to KFC, they can also serve as complements for fast foods as a whole. If the general price of fast foods goes up,KFC’s price rises as well,and the same can be said of the quantity sold of these products, which make themcomplements to each other. KFC also sets up stores located near popular touristattractions, so tickets to these tourist spots are also complementary goods because themore people tour these attractions, the more customers KFC will get. Rivalry

Unlike what one would expect, KFC has little rivalry with similar fast-food chains inIndia. The primary reason is that their core products are different, as in they sell differentkinds of fast foods with very different tastes and styles. For example, if KFC raised its price for chicken by a small amount, Indian chicken lovers who may not be as acceptingto pizzas (many Indian people strongly dislike the taste of cheese) are not going to switchto Pizza Hut just because the price for KFC increased. In addition to that, theserestaurants have such different target customers that the fluctuation of price for onerestaurant is not going to affect the others. For example, a full meal at KFC ranges aboutRs. 100, whereas a full meal at Pizza Hut can cost over Rs. 300. The...
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