Washington: a State of Contrast

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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Did you know in Western Washington it rains much of the year but in Eastern Washington it doesn’t rain very much? Even though Eastern and Western Washington are in the same state they are two very different locations.

Western Washington’s physical features are very different than Eastern Washington’s .Western Washington has lots of harbors and bays such as Gray harbor, Willpa bay, and Puget sound .Puget sound is a very popular body of water. Western Washington also has island such as the San Juan or Whidbey islands .Even though Western Washington has harbors, bays ,and islands Eastern Washington doesn't . Instead Eastern Washington has physical features like the Columbia plateau, the Columbia river, and FDR lake .The Columbia river stretches from Eastern Washington to Western Washington’s border. FDR lake was named after Franklin Roosevelt . There are also potholes made from dried up bodies of water.

Western and Eastern Washington’s climate are very different. Western Washington’s climate is a west coast marine climate, mild winters and mild summers. Western Washington has mild temperatures because the Pacific Ocean keeps the temperatures cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. From my experiences during summer there’s one week with hot temperatures and in the winter there’s one week of snow. Even though Western Washington has mild temperatures Eastern Washington doesn’t. Eastern Washington has a semiarid climate . Less than fifteen inches of rain per year. Winters are long and cold summers are short and hot.

Western Washington has more vegetation than Eastern Washington. There is dense vegetation in Western Washington because the evergreen trees provide shade for the other plants. Also because it rains a lot and the temperature is mild. Western Washington is famous for the evergreen tree. Even though Western Washington has dense vegetation Eastern Washington has hardly any plants or vegetation. Only hardy plants grow there, and on mountains...
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