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Washington DC
Ladies and Gentlemen, now, we are in Washington DC, let’s talk about its history first. The United States had an argument on the location of its capital after the founding. North wanted to set the capital in New York while South wanted to set in south. In 1789, after the compromise of South and North, America chose a city in the middle to be its capital. 女士们 先生们 我们现在已经进入了华盛顿哥伦比亚特区,让我们先来了解一下华盛顿的历史吧。美国建国后对首都的位置发生了争执, 北方希望将首都定在纽约, 而南方希望将首都定在南方。 1789年, 在南北方妥协下, 在美国南方离北方不远的地方新建了一座城市作为美国的首都。

The location was determined by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. At that time, the Federal City was an area of 100 square miles of diamond-shaped region and is located between Maryland and Virginia. Now, the land of south Potomac River returned to Virginia, the area could be 68 square miles. 地理位置是由詹姆斯*麦迪逊, 亚历山大*汉密尔顿在托马斯*杰斐逊邀请的晚宴上讨论出来的, 那时的联邦城坐落在马里兰州和弗吉尼亚州之间, 被规划为一个面积100平方英里的菱形区域. 如今, 波多马克河南岸的土地归还给弗吉尼亚州,现在的区域面积为68平方英里。

In 1791, in order to commemorate the Washington and Columbus, the federal city was renamed Washington, DC, it is American heart and political center. 在1791年, 人们为了纪念开国元勋华盛顿和发现美洲的哥伦布 将此地改名为华盛顿哥伦比亚特区, 它是美国的政治中心, 有美国的心脏之称。

In addition, it is also an important tourist city in the eastern area. Potomac River flows from here, and in April, the cherry blossom on both sides of Potomac River is the quite beautiful sight in Washington in spring. 此外呢, 华盛顿也是美东地区重要的旅游城市,波多马克河从此处流过, 在4月份左右, 波多马克河两岸的樱花盛开是华盛顿春季很美的景象。

And there are also many political, military and historical tourist attractions in Washington DC, like white house, Capitol Hill, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, natural history museum, aviation museum and so on. 在华盛顿还有很多政治,军事和历史的旅游景点,像美国总统办公地点白宫, 美国议政的国会山庄, 美国第一任总统华盛顿纪念碑, 林肯纪念堂, 自然历史博物馆, 航空博物馆等等。

OK, now, we are on the way to Lincoln Memorial.
现在 我们先去林肯纪念堂

Washington Monument
Ok, ladies and Gentlemen, on our left land, you can see a tall building, that is Washington Monument, it was built to commemorate first American president George Washington, It is the landmark in Washington, the height is 555feet, up until the 1990s, it was still the tallest artificial stone monument in the world. 好, 女士们先生们, 在我们的左手面 大家可以看到的就是华盛顿纪念碑。 华盛顿纪念碑呢是为了纪念美国第一任总统乔治*华盛顿而建造的, 它是华盛顿特区的地标性建筑,高度呢是555英尺, 直到20世纪90年代, 仍是世界上最高大的人工石质纪念碑。

Do you guys see the different colors between the top and bottom? Washington Monument began to build in 1848 and in 1854 during the Civil war, the construction was stopped because of the war, at that time, the height of monument was 50 feet, the white marble they used were from Maryland, in 1876, the construction was continued, but government could not find the same marble after 22years, finally they could only use the similar color marble, that’s why we see the color is different. 大家有没有发现纪念碑上下两部分的颜色有些不同呢? 华盛顿纪念碑于1848年开工, 而在1854年呢 由于南北战争的爆发, 纪念碑停建, 那时的纪念碑有50英尺高, 建筑用的自马里兰州出产的大理石, 在1876年, 建筑继续施工, 但经过了22年, 美国政府找不到一模一样的大理石来继续建造, 最后只好使用相似颜色的大理石, 这就是为什么纪念碑上下颜色会不同了。

In 1899, the government said no more building could higher than Washington Monument in Washington DC. 在1899年, 美国政府宣布, 华盛顿特区任何建筑物的高度都不可以超过华盛顿纪念碑

OK, we will see the White house in a few minutes.
在过几分钟呢 我们将会到达下一个目的地 白宫

US Capital
US Capital is the US Congress meeting place, it is located in downtown Washington DC where 83 feet high above elevation, here is called Capitol Hill. In 1793, George Washington, first president of United States personally laid the basic stone for it and it was completed in 1800. 国会大厦是美国国会的办公大楼, 坐落于华盛顿市中心一处海拔83英尺高的高地, 此地后来被称为国会山。 在1793年,美国第一任总统乔治华盛顿亲自为它奠基, 于1800年完工并开始使用。

There are two wings on both sides of the building. The north wing of the building is Senate House, and the south wing is the House of Representative. If the Senate house is in meeting, the national flag will rise on the north wing, if the House of Representatives is in meeting, the national flag will rise on the south wing of the building. 国会的两侧有2翼,北翼是参议院, 南翼是众议院,...
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