Washington's Farewell Address

Topics: Political party, George Washington, Political faction Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: December 2, 2012
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George Washington's Farewell Address
George Washington gave a very heartfelt and meaningful farewell address. Not only was he attempting to help our country at that time with clues as to how they might make themselves better, he did it in a generous way. He kind of obviously hinted as to how they needed to make their coutry strong. There were two main warnings that he stated, in my opinion, would help our country be the best and strongest it could be.

The main warning, in my opinion, was him warning the American people that there were groups seeking to overthrow the government. They were seeking to pass constitutional amendments to weaken the government to a point where it would be unable to defend itself from political factions, enforce its laws, and protect the people's rights and property. An example of the people rebelling against the government was the whiskey rebellion. There was a tax put on whiskey and our backcountry farmers did not like it one bit. He sent military to go scare them, and suceeded. He also stated that having different political parties may not be the best for their country at that time. He made sure that people knew keeping alliances with Great Britain and France would be best for them, which slides into the political parties category. There were two sides during that period, the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans. Both parties believed there were sides that needed to be chosen, so one side chose Great Britain, the other chose France. Washington saw how that destroyed our imports and exports because they were in war with one another. He knew that they needed to keep alliances strong on both ends, and choosing sides was not the way to do that. He wanted to keep our country united as one, and having two different parties to choose from was definitely going to help with any of those problems.

Overall, George Washington's speech was meaningful with some very helpful tips in it. But...
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