Was World War 1 Inevitable

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World War 1 was Inevitable in many ways. The key word
in this question is "Inevitable''. Webster's Dictionary define's Inevitable as incapblle of bring avoided or prevented. Could have World War 1 been avoid? I think not. There wasnt just one reason as to why World War one happen but a number of things. This is why I agree that World War 1 was Inevitable.

The assassination og Franis Ferdinand was one of the main reason for the war. He was of Aurtria and was bnelieved to be killed by a Serbian Nationlist. Therewere Six European power. They all had allies who would help them out if either one went to war. There was France, Germany,Britian, Russia, Austria and Italy. They all had imperialistic, territorial and economic rivalries that were intensifying among themselves. The people of Bosnia and

Herzegovia no longer wanted to be apart of Auctria hungry but apart of Serbia. Austria did not want that because it would make Serbia Stronger and themselves weaker with last land. Bosnia and Herzegovia wanted to rule themselves.

Also these contries wanted to prove their dominance and power. Britian had the largest trade in the world. So they had ships leaving there with go and also coming in. So they had to use a navy to protect their ships. Which means their navy was big. Germany was jealous of this. They to begun building up their navy and army. So did their ally Russia who ha lots of land and people. All of these countries were basically building up their army as if the war was planed before and they were just preparing for what they knew was going to happen.

Imperialism was also a factor in World War 1 .The countries were trying to increase their power by having territories under their control. This was becoming a problem even within the territories they were trying to rule because it was like a big bully coming along telling you what to do. It was like a Competition that was getting more competetative.

Some may say Austria could...
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