Was the Revolutionary War Truly Revolutionary?

Topics: American Revolutionary War, Native Americans in the United States, Thomas Jefferson Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: June 1, 2013
The Revolutionary War was not revolutionary for multiple reasons. Benjamin Henry Latrobe drew in November of 1797 a painting of men playing pool. This is the first reason why it was not revolutionary, because in document 3, there was a painting of men playing pool. This didn’t change as a result to the war because lots of men played before and after the war.

In document 4, it stated the economical status of Colonial Legislatures. William and Mary quarterly stated in 1966 the status of Colonial Legislatures; the congresses had money and were rich. But the congressmen were always rich/had money before and after the war, the war never impacted the political and economical position of congressmen.

The 9th document talked about Native Americans and how they sought respect. In the northwest ordinance written in 1787, people/Native Americans wanted respect for the Native Americans. They wanted the whites to show them respect for they had taken their land without sharing any part. Before and after the war, nobody respected the Natives so the war didn’t affect their respect shown.

The revolutionary war was not truly revolutionary because of these reasons. Men were painted playing sport, instead of seeking progress. These same men disregarded the Native Americans and gave no deserving respect; after it all, it was their home. Not much had changed except the land of free people being taken. The Legislatures were busy swimming in their money pile before and after the war. Their Revolutionary War seemed only efficient in taking over the land of Natives.
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