Was the Grand Alliance a Myth or Not?

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  • Published : April 12, 2008
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Debate WWII #2:
“The Grand Alliance was a myth; self-interest was the only motive of the Allies.” CON: needs to prove self-interest was NOT the only motive

The Grand Alliance was not a myth, as the three leaders Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill, set aside economical and political interests in order to work together as best possible.

This debate takes aside the fact that these countries were jointly fighting Hitler’s Nazi Germany, and to win a victory over the Axis Powers was in the interest of all.

We take issue with Pro’s vague, broad definition of “self-interest”, as it doubtless referring to such interests that are specific to a country in question, rather than collective interests.

ðcooperated with democratic nations-à politically dangerous oMay 1943, Stalin dissolved Cominternà so less communist influence in Western Europe ðProof: accepting US aid in form of more modern technology, e.g. trucks, which the ordinary Russian could see as “products of superior societies” (Brown). oBy 1942: US/Brit combined sent 4 000 tanks and 3 000 trucks ðYalta agreement: Stalin promised to help US’ invasion of Japan ðGave up territory in Eastern Europe

oGave up Greece, part of Yugoslavia, Austria, Czech Sloavia, Albania (Shell) ðYalta Conference (Feb 1945): “Declaration on Liberated Europe” presented by R. oTemporary governments, early free elections

oAllowed Gr. Brit to take charge about territorial issues in France, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway (Shell) US:
ðwas anti-communist, but worked w/ USSR
oAt Tehran conference: allowed USSR free reign in own country, puppet gov. in Poland, Czech Slovakia and Baltic States ðIsolationist policy, but Roosevelt promises priority to European war o#s:

oRoosevelt (nov 1941): “I may never declare war; if I were to ask Congress , they might argue about it for three months. §Draft Bill passed by only one vote, without it, wouldn’t have been able to provide soldiers §...
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