Was the French Revolution Successful?

Topics: French Revolution, Age of Enlightenment, Voltaire Pages: 3 (882 words) Published: April 24, 2008
Many historians credit the French Revolution as being the beginning of modern politics. The revolution single-handedly crushed the monarchical way of politics, the aristocratic domination up to that point in France, and the dominance of the church in French politics. The revolution abolished the feudal system and was one of the biggest steps towards modernity throughout history. The French Revolution was a successful endeavour on the part of the French people because it reformed social tradition and the hierarchy of French aristocracy by making all men equal, the Enlightenment ideals which the revolution was based on came through to a great extent. Before the French Revolution, France was a feudal kingdom. Louis XVI ruled the land, and lords ruled certain manors throughout the kingdom. This meant that peasants, as well as nobles, were born into their respective situations, and could not change who they were and what rank in society they lived in. One of the goals of the revolution was to change this. Throughout the revolution, many important documents were made to change the world in which the French people lived. On August 11th, 1789, the National Assembly made The Decree Abolishing the Feudal System. This document showed a thaw that was evident in France in terms of social standing. Whereas before the aristocracy had dominated the country, now stood the bourgeoisie and, later, the sans-culottes. For better or worse, France became one the first major European countries to make all people equal in the eyes of the government. This is one of the greatest progressions of social standing in the history of the world, one which is now basic thought. The fact that this was accomplished and continued to be accomplished throughout France’s history is a major accomplishment and in itself makes the revolution successful. This showed huge progress in not only the standing of citizens in France, but it also showed a concern for individual rights. This progression of society...
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