Was the Coverage of the War in Libya by the Uk Mass Media Biased?

Topics: Muammar al-Gaddafi, Libya, Tripoli Pages: 3 (1169 words) Published: September 7, 2012
Was the coverage of the war in Libya by the UK mass media biased? Dmitry, 7B
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The political situation in Libya was one of the most important topics for the UK mass media in 2011. The armed insurrection, the bombing of Libyan territory and the killing of the leader of the country Muammar Gaddafi was presented by mass media as struggle for freedom and democracy. The participation of NATO in this war was declared as the support in fight against the tyranny. However several bloggers and political analysts mention that real events were not so ambiguous. The aim of this essay is to answer how objective the coverage of the UK media of the war in Libya was. First of all the writer will provide a short background of events in Libya. Secondly the analysis of the UK journalists objectivity of presentation of information will be made. After that the attitude of bloggers toward the war will be assessed. Finally, the summary and the ultimate assessment of will be distinguished. According to Encyclopedia Britannica in 2011 an uprising against the colonel “Muammar al-Qaddafi” (Gadaffi), leader of Libya, provoked a civil war and international military intervention. Qaddafi was killed by rebel forces. Coalition of U.S. and European forces attacked targets in Libya by air. The aim of rebels was to change the current political regime. The goal of NATO – to support anti-Gaddafi forces and protect the Libyan civilians. Every military conflict is a confrontation of two sides. Politicians and ordinary people have their rights to support a side according to their own views and convictions. But journalists should not support any of members of the conflict. According to Committee of Concerned Journalists (1997) nine main principals of journalism include truthfulness, loyalty to citizens, objectivity and independence. Was the coverage of the war by the UK TV channels and news papers neutral and objective. Let’s have a look on several examples. “Gaddafi has crossed...
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