Was Sir Gawain the Ideal Medieval Hero

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  • Published : November 7, 2010
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Was Sir Gawain the Ideal Medieval Hero

Is sir Gawain your ideal medieval hero? We will examine this question in three ways first did sir Gawain admit failure, What he did when faced with a challenge, and what can we learn from sir Gawain distress after his confrontation with the Green Knight Sir Gawain did admit failure. He failed when he received the gift from the lady and failed to mention it to his host there by breaking there agreement. Because of this it ended up costing him once he confronted the green knight wearing the gift, which we later discovered was the host. Not only did this show that he was not honest it also showed the Sir Gawain was more concerned about his life over honor and bravery. In the end as a symbol of his failure he wore the gift to court so that he and everyone else would remember what happened. One of the ideals of medieval society that is depicted is the brave Knight standing up for his king and accepting the challenge. When the Green Knight first appeared he made a challenge to king Arthur’s court. At first no one would accept the challenge. After much scrutiny from the Green Knight King Arthur was about to accept the challenge; but before he could Sir Gawain stood up and accepted the challenge for the king. There by going with the ideal that it is the knight’s duty to protect the king by any means necessary. What we can take from his distress is one that even one of the great Knights of the Round Table can become the most humble of the kingdom and that even though he failed in his mission he in the end was honest about his mistakes and willing to admit them. The way that he was in a sense humbled is that after the Green Knight proved that he was more concerned with his life over that of others he realized that he would never be able to achieve the standards that he set in place for himself, Because of this he realized that he was maybe not as great of knight as he thought. Even though he was dishonest to the host in the...
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