Was Propaganda the Main Reason for the Lack of Opposition to the Nazis

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Was Propaganda the Main Reason for the Lack of Opposition

Many people argue that Nazi Propaganda was the main reason for the lack of opposition towards the Nazi party. In this essay below the details of propaganda will be explored as well as other aspects that helped deal with the lack of opposition to the Nazi party. Propaganda is the use of media to promote only good ideas and values in the form of posters and radio. It helps people boost morale and also helps to win favour over people in elections. The Nazis used propaganda to promote their master Aryan race and to promote Nazi ideology as well as anti-minority ideas. Propaganda helped the Nazis promote only good points about the party. Propaganda was a way to allow Hitler to connect with anyone; anytime and anywhere. By only promoting good points about the party, it was near impossible for people to find criticism towards the Nazi party. Propaganda was everywhere in Germany; in bars in the street in films, radios, newspapers and sports. The purpose was to brainwash people into believing that the Nazi party and Germany was the superior race, and all minorities were deemed as evil and impure. Goebbels began to manufacture and sell cheap radios that could only pick up local signals, this allowed people of any financial background to once again be sucked into Hitler’s strong current of unstoppable propaganda. If anyone tried to challenge Hitler’s party Hitler’s loyal lawyers would most likely lock you up. Hitler’s loyal court members swore to oath to Hitler, this meant that court trails were normally never fair or just. Hitler’s judges were made to be loyal to Hitler; meaning that if you went to court for being anti-Nazi you would most likely never win. This helped Hitler to keep out anti-Nazi people to help keep rumours, kept at a minimum so people could always see only the good side of the Nazi party. If found guilty you were lucky to be alive let alone see your town or city ever again.

Hitler used...
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