Was Moses a Black Man?

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  • Published: October 4, 2008
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Was Moses a Black Man?
By Darren George

First off, let me preface this argument by saying that the answer to this question might leave many people asking another one: "SO WHAT?" Only you can answer that. As to the implications to world history, especially post-slavery propaganda against “blacks,” this argument imposes many. I'm not attempting to deal with those implications, nor is this a thorough scholastic research. Rather, this demonstrates that simple reason and logic can :-

1) support faith in the Holy Bible
2) reveal truth

That so many people have read the Bible, and yet, I have never heard an argument posed strictly from internal Biblical evidence as to Moses’ ethnicity (even after searching the internet) indicates that truth can remain visible and yet, unnoticed, simply because people don't think; and, that people don't think for themselves presents much greater implications to the history and future of this world.

Was MOSES a “BLACK” Man?

I put black in quotations because it is separate from African-American. By black I simply mean, did Moses’ skin contain enough melanin for him to be dark brown in complexion?

To answer we must start at the beginning with Israel’s great grandfather - Abraham. (I will use capital ISRAEL when referring to the Jewish nation, not the person)

ISRAEL began with Isaac, Abraham’s son. This is important because Abraham had several sons, but it is through Isaac that the covenant with his God YAHWEH was established through God’s Word and the obedience of circumcision on the eighth day as was commanded by YAHWEH (cf. Gen. 17:10-14, 17:21, 21:4). The Jewish laws, including the 10 commandments, were not given to Israel until several hundred years after Isaac’s death. Therefore, before the exodus from Egypt, circumcision distinguished a Jew from all other people. This foundation is important to be established for us to continue. The laws given after the exodus further separated Jews from other peoples, but prior to the laws, circumcision was the only distinction.

Now, all of ISRAEL’S history is rooted in Isaac. Isaac’s son was Jacob, who through an encounter with an angel, was given the name Israel (Gen. 32:28). Israel went on to have twelve children, hence the twelve tribes of Israel (cf. Gen. 49:28). Joseph, one of the twelve sons was given to slavery, eventually landing himself in Egypt where he rose to become the governor of the entire nation of Egypt (Gen 41:41) at the age of thirty, with only the Pharaoh being greater in power. Remember that. Now, prior to Joseph’s reign he got visions from God which prefaced him to an upcoming famine. The famine lasted seven years, and Joseph made provisions to store enough food to provide for the entire nation of Egypt for those seven years. To accomplish this, Egypt must have been a wealthy and technologically advanced nation, great in number. Their supply was so abundant that “all countries came to Egypt to buy grain,” (Gen. 41:57) making them even richer. This is an important foundation to lay. It was through this famine that the entire nation of ISRAEL reunited with Joseph, and as the scripture says, settled in Egypt (Gen. 50:22). Israel, like everybody else, simply went to buy grain but stayed.

At 30, it took 7 years to prepare for the famine, making Joseph was no younger than 37 and no older than 44 when Israel migrated to Egypt Jospeh then died at 110. This means that it was between 63 to 77 years that ISRAEL lived in Egypt after Joseph’s elevation to power. Joseph’s entire generation and his children’s generation all died before ISRAEL were enslaved, making it a minimum of approximately 160 years ISRAEL lived in Egypt before any persecution was against them. Now, because Joseph married an Egyptian woman, his children would have been black. At that time of their migration, ISRAEL consisted of between seventy to seventy-five people (Ex. 1:1-5). This small nation would have been saturated by...
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