Was Hitler Really to Blame for Ww2?

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  • Published : January 12, 2013
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Was Hitler Really To Blame For WW2? By Lauren Thomas (aged 13)

Some people say that Hitler was to blame for the 2nd world war, but what did Hitler actually do to cause it? We know that Hitler hated the Treaty of Versailles. But was Hitler’s feelings against the treaty the reason why the World War started. Germany received the treat when they signed the armistice to say they were guilty to blame for the first world war. This then lead to the treaty.

The treaty limited Germany’s army size. This was to try to and dis-encourage Germany to start another war, because they’d have the smallest army because the other countries have no restrictions on their army numbers.

Germany was also in a lot of debt because they were made to pay for the damage they’d caused. This then lead to job shortage in Germany, because employers couldn’t fund to pay people to work for them.

Even though countries fought against Germany and at first believed that the treaty was the right, fair punishment for what they’d done. But after the treaty had been made and was in progress countries felt sympathetic towards Germany, because the treaty was too harsh on them.

Then Germany tried to prevent the treaty from being carried on. Hitler was very powerful during this, and a lot of Germans supported Hitler because they believed he was powerful enough to stop the treaty.

It was clear that Germany wanted the treaty to be destroyed, it was causing them pain in everyday life, preventing them from being satisfied or happy. Therefore anybody who was brave enough to say that they could or try to stop the treaty would gain instant support from all of Germany.

This made it very easy for Hitler to take over Germany, because people would vote for him rather than the other two men that were in charge. The other two men in charge of Germany was very weak and often got ruled over a lot, Hitler did this very much. On a few occasions, when the leaders of Germany had meetings Hitler’s Nazi party...
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