Was Communication the Most Important Factor in Insuring Galen’s Work Into the Middle Ages?

Topics: Middle Ages, Human anatomy, Roman Empire Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Was Communication the most important factor in insuring Galen’s work into the Middle Ages?

Communication was an important factor to make sure Galen’s work was passed on into the middle ages. Galen communicated by writing books, over 200 books in fact. They talked about the work of the human body/human anatomy such as how affecting the spinal cord can result to paralysation and the home of “the human soul”. This made Galen’s work follow onto the Middle Ages because it would have been the only way for Galen to make his work known due to the fact of him dying years before, and by reading these books, the people of the middle ages would know who he was, what he did and what he exactly discovered.

Another important factor was Religion. This is because in his books, he talked about the rete mirabile, which were a group of blood vessels that he believed held the human soul, which Christians believe everyone has. This made Galen’s work follow onto the middle ages because the middle ages is known for being a religious time due to the Christian church taking control of western Europe. However, he failed to find it in humans and another Christian belief is that the soul leaves the body when you die and you either go to heaven or hell, arguing against the fact how he found it in a dead animal/person.

Genius also could have played a part in his work being influenced. This is because he found out many interesting facts about the human body such as damaging the spine can result to paralysation and how he cut open a ape's stomach, leading for all of his insides to come out and then put them back in and sewn it up with the human ape still being alive at the end. He was the first person to do any of this, and because of no average person being able to do this themselves, it could make him a so called "Genius" in human anatomy. This made Galen's work follow onto the Middle Ages because, they wouldn't just listen to any ordinary person from a past time, but if he was...
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