Was Christopher Columbus an Imperialist?

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  • Published : November 3, 2012
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A person or group who expresses notions of dominance and superiority to people of other nations is known as an imperialist. Imperialism is the taking over of foreign lands to establish power. 
Christopher Columbus was an Italian Spanish navigator who sailed west across the Atlantic Ocean searching for a route to Asia but instead fell upon this “new land” and it became known as the Americas. On October 12, 1492, Columbus made land fall on a small island in the Caribbean and named in San Salvador. But Columbus was not the founder. There were Vikings from Scandinavia that settled on the North American coast and Indians, (Native Americans) who were the descendants of the first people that migrated from Asia and populated North and South America. Many of the people that already inhabited the Americas were killed from war, forced labor, and disease. Columbus than had it set in his mind that he was the founder and the controller. He took control of the people to gain power, therefore making him eligible to be an imperialist. However, there are two sides of this judgment.

Kirckpatrick Sale, was an editor of The Nation and he characterizes Columbus as an imperialist who was determined to conquer both the land and the people he encountered during his first voyage to the Americas. Sale says that Columbus just sailed by the islands and starting naming them and taking “possession” of them. He states that “the business of naming and “possessing” the foreign islands was by no means casual. The Admiral (Columbus) took it very seriously, pointing out that “it was my wish to bypass no island without taking possession” (October) and that “in all regions I always left no cross standing” (November) as a mark of Christian Dominance.” Which was basically Columbus sailing by any island and then renaming it and taking possession of it as if he really wasn’t worried about whether or not there were already people there. Sale believes that Columbus was the person who brought about...
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