Was Australia a Working Man's Paradise

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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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Although some of the arguments that do support that Australia was a working man’s paradise are often looked past upon, it is undoubted that Australia was in fact, a working man’s paradise. There are still some reasons that can prove that Australia was in fact a working man’s paradise.

To begin with, what made Australia considered as the working man’s paradise was the introduction to the minimum wage. The introduction to the minimum wage was seen to be the highlight to a new beginning amongst Australian society. Prior the minimum wage, unskilled workers were paid very poorly or were often not paid at all. Having to work extremely long and exhausting hours in unsanitary and foul environments, employees who were paid poorly thought of this as really unfair. During the progressing years, trade unions were determined to change the working conditions and the amounts of money being paid to unskilled workers. The introduction of the minimum wage was purposely designed to ensure that a worker was able to be comfortable and was able to feed themselves and their families. As this approach was successful to a great extent, Australians considered this to be one of the greatest ideas introduced.

Seeing as the minimum wage was acknowledged by an excessive number of people, more ideas were being introduced by the government. These types of changes contributed to the idea that Australia should be a fair society where anyone could achieve equality. Another idea that was introduced was the 8 hour day movement. The 8 hour day movement focused on eliminating extensive hours of work. Prior to the introduction of the 8 hour day movement, workers would work long hours only to earn a small income not even merely enough to pay for food expenses. The 8 hour day movement aimed to allow workers to spend more time with their families, more time to organise leisure activities and the rest of the time left dedicated to working. The introduction of this, made life much more simpler....
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