Was Any One of These Main Reasons More Important Than the Other’s in Hitler’s Rise to Power?

Topics: Weimar Republic, Adolf Hitler, Nazi Party Pages: 4 (1423 words) Published: October 2, 2008
The causes in Hitler’s rise to power may be established in terms of importance, that is how much they contributed to the eventual result. I shall start by choosing a particular reason which I feel to be most important and establish links with other causes from this, although my analysis could change my outlook on the idea of superiority of one cause over another.

I have chosen Hitler’s oratory, personality and leadership (OPL) to be the most important cause. Hitler’s OPL was both long term and sustained consistency and were often used to great effect for varying situations. In court, following the Munich Putsch, Hitler was on the sidelines, and seemed inevitable to a heavy prosecution, although a determined oratory along with a characteristic personality won many over and Hitler was significantly let off the hook. Similarly, before many of the ‘causes’ expressed for his rise, had it not been for a rallying personality, and a strong-minded personality during his first meeting with the German Workers Party, Hitler would never have created the future of events, such as the Munich Putsch, and the future of Germany could have been very different.

Had it not been for many of these skills, he would not been able to capitalise on opportunities in the unique way that he did, for example, a determined personality with an interest for the country following the economic depression allowed propaganda to gain him vast support, and were it not for an oratory in his style, many of the arguments could have sounded feeble and unconvincing; as emotions were commonplace in speeches. Thus, the point made is that the very means, by which Hitler tackled situations and the outcomes it gave, are central to these skills in oratory, personality and leadership, and without them, Hitler may never have seriously been considered the dictator he became.

Hitler’s oratory, personality and leadership may be linked to the economic depression, as they have strong connections. At the time...
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