Was Alexander the Great Trully 'Great'?

Topics: Alexander the Great, Achaemenid Empire, Battle Pages: 2 (935 words) Published: September 4, 2010
Title: Was Alexander the Great truly “Great”
Date Due: 24/09/09
Date Submitted: 24/09/09

Alexander the Great, the ancient King of Macedonia is renowned for his conquests of Persia and India. The definition of the term ‘Great’ in such a context is to be distinguished or famous, highly skilled, of official position or social status, and exceptionally outstanding. The term ‘Great’ is an appropriate entitlement for Alexander, justified in many ways by his incredible successful war accomplishments, his superior military knowledge and intellect, and his great leadership skills. Alexander the Great achieved many accomplishments, such as military successes and social advancements. During his eleven years of fighting, Alexander never lost a battle which is an incredible achievement considering the numerical advantage and dominance of his opponents. This in itself bestows greatness upon Alexander. A fine example of a military success is the Battle of Issus, where Alexander’s army was vastly outnumbered to King Darius’ Army; approximately 40,000 warriors to 300,000 warriors. Although the Persian army had far more soldiers than Alexander’s Army, Alexander outsmarted his opponents with his tactical manoeuvres and led his army to victory. Alexander was numerically disadvantaged in many of the battles he fought, but always thrived to be the victor. Alexander the Great also achieved many social reforms, such as spreading advanced Greek political, economical, and military practices throughout the districts he conquered. Alexander the Great had a large impact on the ancient world and his contributions to the world still remain today which is another testament to his greatness. “The torch Alexander lit for long only smouldered ... but it never has been, and never can be, quite put out.” (W.W. Tarn, historian and biographer of Alexander, 1948) In this quote, professor Tarn is stating that the works of Alexander the Great still exist today, a fine example being the city...
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