Wartime Propaganda (U.S)

Topics: United States, World War II, Propaganda Pages: 10 (3689 words) Published: June 11, 2012
Loose Lips Sink Ships, U.S Wartime Propaganda Polices
This research paper talks about the Untied States use of propaganda as a political tool and the conflicting messages it sent to its citizens and countries around the world. The United States of America is a country that promotes freedom of speech with equality and justice for all, while disseminating political propaganda, controlling the flow of information and promoting racism. This paper is going to define propaganda and its role in the World War II. The article explains how the United States is propaganda during the current war on terror. This article will attempt to draw comparisons between the United States dissemination of domestic propaganda between World War II and the War on Terror. This article will show that the use of racial stereotypes make and censoring of information make up a large portion of U.S wartime propaganda. On December 15, 1791 the Bill of Rights, which documents the undeniable rights of the citizens of the United States of America, was ratified. Simply stated, the first article of the Bill of Rights guarantees American citizens the freedom of religion, speech and the press. The United States of America has appointed itself the nation responsible for the spreading democracy through the world. Currently in an attempt to spread that democracy, the U.S was declared war on terrorist organizations through the word. The goal of the current War on Terror is protect America while giving citizens of countries like Iraq and Afghanistan the same freedoms that U.S citizens enjoy. The freedoms of speech, press and religion are some of the things that the United States was founded on. In actuality, U.S citizens do not always freedom of speech. Public protests at political conventions are prohibited. Recently, the U.S military assassinated the infamous leader of a terrorist network in the Middle East. The U.S government called a press conference to speak about the circumstances surrounding the mission, but then refused to release photographic evidence to the press. This and other examples of censorship, fact manipulation and refusal to release critical information to citizens are some of the tactics used by the government that fall under the umbrella of political propaganda. A person’s race, political beliefs, gender and geographic location all come into determining how he or she will define propaganda. There are many theories as to what propaganda is. Narrow and broad propaganda theories are the most prevalent explanations of what propaganda consists of. In the Untied States the narrow theory of propaganda has dominated since World War II. Narrow theories categorize propaganda as an attempt to influence opinions in order to further a specific hidden agenda. Broad theories suggest that all types of persuasion, advertisements, religious messages, schools teachings etc. are types of propaganda and then become irrelevant. In America the narrow view of propaganda is used mostly to describe the actions of the Nazi’s, Fascist’s and Communists previous times. The narrow view of propaganda also covers actions taken by the United States government to guide public opinion from the Second World War up to the present War on Terror. Inside of the broad and narrow definitions there different sub-types, which fall into the categories of black, white and gray. Black propaganda consists of using unsubstantiated sources and false claims in order to covey the message of a particular group. Gray propaganda combines with facts with information obtained from non-credible sources and, once put together are used to present the desired message. White propaganda uses strictly facts and truths to convey a particular message (Guth, 2008). The United States government has used different means to communicate its message as time has elapsed. Recently propaganda has been used to gain support for the war on terror. The United States government has become adept at...
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