Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Essay

Topics: The Holocaust, Nazi Germany, Nazism Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: October 2, 2011
Warsaw Ghetto, 1943. Thousands of prisoners, many of them Jews intended to be sent to the death camp, Auschwitz, begin an uprising against their German captors. They are out gunned down and outnumbered by the . Most of the Jewish fighters are hungry and weak, many of them sick. Any man, woman or even a child who can fire a weapon, set a fuse or carry message has a part in the conspiracy against certain death. If caught with any links to the plan they will likely be killed on the spot. This monument celebrates the lives of those fighters who resisted and by dying for their liberty, escaped. The monument honors the deaths of those who died fighting. It is hard to understand the mindset of one of the so-called rebels at Warsaw. A Russian POW, a captured Polish underground agent, a Jew. These are all examples of the general backgrounds of the Warsaw ghetto rebels. They may have been different in nationality or religion, but they all shared the common interest of surviving the harsh conditions of the ghetto. One must understand that most people living in the Warsaw ghetto in 1943 were expecting to be sent to a death camp. So in a sense they were all “dead men walking” to the Nazis. Because of those circumstances and the Nazi doctrine that non-Aryans and especially Jews were not human, these ghetto citizens were given little food and no medicine. So a person could not imagine they would stand a chance against the armed Nazi guards that patrolled the ghetto. The truth is that their was little hope of the prisoners defeating the Nazi guards, but these brave few decided to take a stand, they refused to go quietly and for that, they deserve to be remembered. I hope that someone who views the monument would keep its tragic, but powerful words and images imprinted in their mind. A feeling they will get will be similar, hopefully, to the feeling one of the rebels got on the eve of the Warsaw battle. Anger, sadness, grief , relief. The audience in general will most...
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