Warriors Don't Cry

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  • Published : September 1, 2008
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I picked the theme of self-reliance. As I read the story it was unbelievable to me that she did not give up, even though there were many times when she could have. What she thought was a good idea in the beginning, being just a teenager, she had no idea what the impact she would make on herself and the future Africain American people in.

May 24, 1955: The Little Rock school board adopted a plan to limit intergraton to Central High School. One day at school the teachers asked student at Melba’s school who wanted to attend Central High School. Melba raised her hand, she felt that if they opened the school to her people she would have access to other opportunities.

August 1957: Melba’s father received a phone call saying that melba had been assigned to go to Central High School. Her mother and Grandmother India were not happy. They had no idea that she had signed up for this. As adults they were knew more of what could happen. Even thought her mother and grandmother tried to make her see things, melba knew there was a better life out there. She thought she could make a difference

September 4, 1957: Melba was going to Central High School, at least she thought she was. Nobody expected what took place that day. The crowds and the riots were unbelievable. As Melba and he mother tried to get close to the school, they knew the danger would be great. None of the 9 black students attend Central High School that day. Melba wrote that she didn’t know if she should go back, but her grandmother said that if she didn’t go back they will think that they won. This is only the beginning of the things that her Grandmother said to make Melba how strong she was.

September 23,1957: Melba’s first day walking into Central High School. I don’t think Melba knew that it would be that bad. Nobody wanted them at this school. The students were hitting, pushing, and calling them names and no one was really protecting them. Every time she was about to...
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